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Catch Basin Cleaning Services

What is the purpose of a catch basin?


Catch basins are crucial to storm water systems. They are designed to separate contaminants in residential sewer systems. They also collect rainwater from streets and parking lots and transport that water through underground piping systems.

At RooterNOW, our catch basin cleaning services include the use of the best jet-vac machinery in the industry. We can break up and wash out debris out of any catch basin by using high-pressure water jetting and powerful vacuums. Upon inspection prior to and after servicing a catch basin, we will report our findings including any defects in the catch basin.


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Why is it important to have a catch basin regularly cleaned?


In order to allow proper drainage, storm water catch basins must be cleaned and emptied on a regular basis. If a catch basin gets clogged with trash or anything else, the drainage system could create drainage problems for towns and cities. Luckily, our team has the perfect equipment to get rid of any debris lurking in the catch basin’s in your area along with tips for proper catch basin maintenance.


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Who do I call if I want to have a catch basin cleaned?

Are you in need for a catch basin cleaning service or have any other plumbing related issues in your home or business? Call the residential and commercial plumbing experts at RooterNOW today and one of our expert plumber will be glad to help you! We service Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Columbia and surrounding areas.


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