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Pipe bursting is a method of used to replace damaged sewer pipes that are buried in the ground by fracturing the old pipe to make way for a replacement. This process is both safer and more efficient than traditional methods of pipe replacement and does not involve the digging of a trench.

Special equipment is needed for pipe bursting. The process begins by joining a rod on a bursting head to a new pipe line which is fed through the broken sewer line. As the rod is pulled through the pipe, the bursting blades break up the old busted pipe and pushes the fragments into the surrounding area in the ground. The new attached pipe gets pulled through the existing cavity left by the old pipe and the method is complete.

Pipe bursting in the modern world is much faster than traditional methods of pipe replacement and can completed in a few hours. It is an appropriate trenchless pipe repair method for replacing any aging or damaged pipelines.

The benefits of pipe bursting include:

  • Trenchless repair requiring no major digging.
  • Time saving process that allows your homes sewer system to work properly again quickly
  • Non-destructive approach
  • Cost effective saving you money for the repair

Thanks to the advancements in trenchless sewer repair technology, we are now more capable than ever to make pipe repairs while saving our customers both time and money when a problem occurs in their home or business. Get the right service you deserve and get in touch with our team at RooterNOW today!