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Clogged Drains and Cracked Pipes caused by Heavy Rain in the Lowcountry


Summer in the Lowcountry brings rain… heavy rain and thunderstorms. Unfortunately, sometimes that clogs drains and cracks pipes. Heavy rain can soften the soil, allowing pipes to shift and crack. If those pipes are already damaged or infiltrated, that can lead to more problems. RooterNow uses state of the art Sewer Camera equipment to scope the pipe line and check for common problems like root infiltration, corrosion, blockages and trench rot. RooterNow can detect and repair cracks before they become major issues that can lead to expensive repairs.

RooterNow services all of the Lowcountry, which includes the Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley County areas. Don’t let heavy rain get you under the weather, call RooterNow for a camera inspection today: 843-212-4111