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At RooterNOW, we understand that customers in need of plumbing repairs or a plumbing project need to have a clear understanding of precisely how much their plumbing projects or plumbing repairs will cost them. No one likes surprises when it comes time to pay.

Plumbing Companies usually offer one of two pricing strategies:

Fixed pricing:

This pricing method applies a fixed price for a plumbing job keeps things simple — the price is predictable, and customers know exactly what they’ll have to pay before the work begins.

Hourly pricing:

Hourly pricing bills for total time spent on the project. It’s a good option for longer-term projects and can help you easily keep track of costs like labor – but customers may feel like they have to watch the clock. Charging by the half-day or a full day allows you to quote in increments, so your customers have some idea of what they should expect to pay.

*Here are the average costs for plumbing repair broken down by type:

Drain clog

$100 to $285

Leaky pipe

$150 to $950

Drainpipe replacement

$100 to $450

Toilet issue

$100 to $400

Broken water heater

$150 to $800

Water main repair

$450 to $2,800

Well pump repair

$350 to $1,550

Sewer line cleaning

$150 to $900
leak detection

For over 30 years, RooterNOW has been providing honest and transparent pricing. Our commitment to our clients is to continue to offer competitive pricing and a good value for all your plumbing needs.

If the cost of your plumbing repair is overwhelming to your budget, your may want to consider financing. We have partnered with Acorn Finance help in these situations. You can learn more about Acorn Finance here.

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*Cost averages will vary depending on the complexity of the project.

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