Commercial Drainage Preparation for Hurricane Season

Commercial Drainage Preparation for Hurricane Season


Storm drains are designed to remove rainwater quickly to keep streets and other areas from flooding.

The water then goes underground into pipes leading it to other bodies of water. Those drains can

easily get clogged up by debris and trash. It is important to keep the storm drains flowing to prevent

the following:



  • Flooding of streets, businesses or homes
  • Flooding and disrupting landscaping
  • Backing up the sewer system
  • Dispersing trash in surrounding properties
  • Erosion

Hydro-jetting is a great way to get our drains prepared for Hurricane season. It uses water under high pressure to clean your pipes of roots, trash, leaves and other debris that has found its way into your pipes. It literally cuts through your clog and flushes everything out of your system to keep everything running smoothly.  One of the benefits of hydro-jetting is that we can begin the work immediately without having to tear up your drains looking for the clogged area. We flush your entire system.


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