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Flushable Wipes on Isle of Palms

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the RooterNOW team has been exceptionally busy. We take pride in everything we do and are grateful to work in such amazing and welcoming communities. While we have been busy throughout this pandemic, there has been an issue with an increased number of flushable wipes causing backups throughout Charleston County.

Are “flushable” wipes really flushable? Short answer, no!

RooterNOW does not recommend flushing any brand of wet wipes, regardless of what the label says… they can damage your plumbing system.

Case in point: we received a phone call from a homeowner on Isle of Palms who had been experiencing very slow drains the past week. When the RooterNOW technician arrived onsite, he discussed the issues with the Isle of Palms homeowner and immediately began inspecting the cast iron pipes to properly diagnose the current condition. The home was built in 1972 and had the original cast iron plumbing system. Overall, the cast iron was not in terrible shape, but it was beginning to deteriorate with large amounts of scale build up. During the camera inspection, the RooterNOW technician also noticed a mass of “flushable” wipes caught in the cast iron scale.

After jetting the sewer line with high pressure water and removing the built up scale with the Picote machine, the cast iron pipe was in much better condition! The RooterNOW technician discussed using a technology to restore the old cast iron pipe with, so this wouldn’t happen again. The Isle of Palms homeowner jumped at the opportunity to save her old cast iron pipes, while restoring them to new condition and not having to dig anything up. She also promised to never flush a “flushable” wipe!