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How often are you servicing your hot water heater?

Upcoming Holidays

With the holidays approaching and the potential to have guest in your home you’ll want to be ready to tackle high usage on your hot water heater. Hot water heaters should be drained and flushed on average at least once a year to keep them working flawlessly and help avoid buildup and loss of hot water. On average a it is estimated a family of four will use around 400 gallons but when you host guest in your home that can push that number up around 200 more gallons if not more.

RooterNOW Can Help!

Replacing your water heater can cost quite a bit of money with a lot of factors effecting that cost. Calling and scheduling RooterNOW to come to your home and help service your hot water heater can help prolong its expected life cycle. Hot water heaters on average are expected to last between 8 to 12 years and if you don’t have a routine service then you could be cutting the life expectancy.

Contact Us!

RooterNOW takes pride in having professional, trustworthy, and well-trained plumbers. Give us a call at 843-212-4111 and we can gladly service your hot water heater or even replace it if needed. RooterNOW can help with all your plumbing needs!