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South Carolina Root Egress
Charleston, SC and surrounding areas sewer lines and septic tanks are at high risk for root infiltration into the lines and pipes, large trees by water sources dig into pipes and cause havoc. With over 30 years of experience and the latest technology, RooterNow’s technicians are able to remedy this problem. A tree will do what it must survive exposing any weakness in your sewer lines seeping into cracks and weak spots in your septic tanks and pipes.
It’s important to closely watch these aggressive trees when they grow near your sewage service or avoid planting them altogether: some examples of aggressive tree roots listed below:

Fraxinus (ash)
Liquidambar (sweetgum)
Populus (poplar and cottonwood)
Quercus (oak, usually lowland varieties)
Robinia (locust)
Salix (willow)
Tilia (basswood)
Liriodendron (tulip tree
Platanus (sycamore)
Many Acer species (red, sugar, Norway and silver maples, and boxelder)