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Do you have a possible broken sewer or waterline? We offer traditional and hydro-excavation methods!
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Hydro-Vac Excavation

Need to locate and uncover utilities in the same vicinity in a no-digzone. Hydro-Vac excavation also known as *potholing utilizes a steady, forceful stream of water to blast debris and dirt away while using strong suction to remove the loosened remnants of dirt, roots and soil. Utilizing hydro-excavation around hazardous utilities accelerates the excavation process while allowing our plumbers to work safely and efficiently.

We also utilize the vacuum equipment combined with a high powered jetter to safely and efficiently clean pipes for both sanitary sewer systems and storm water systems.Utilizing our high power vacuum system with different cutting heads and nozzles we are capable of cleaning and maintaining long runs of pipes.


*Potholing is a term used during construction toexpose water & mainlines and utility lines whilekeeping them safe

Traditional Excavation

Our fleet of mini excavators and trenchers allow us to safely and efficiently excavate and replace collapsed underground sewer lines and leaking water lines.

Sewer Line Replacement

If your sewer line is collapsed and CIPP (cured in place pipe) relining is not an option we offer excavation and traditional dig and replace sewer line repairs. Common sewer materials such as cast iron, Orangeburg, and
terracotta have around 50-60 useful years. Once the pipe has reached the end of its useful life you’ll begin to experience constant backups due to root infiltration and severe trench-rot. If addressed during early
stages of failure, often times we can utilize no-dig CIPP methods however a collapsed pipe will typically require excavation. RooterNOW® has the experience and knowledge to diagnose and recommend the most efficient and economical repair to your sewer issue.

Water Line Repairs

A water line break can lead to high water bills and flooding with both inside the home and the exterior of the property. If you need to replace your water line RooterNOW® has the equipment along with the experience to quickly and efficiently restore water to your home.



Excavation utilizing both traditional excavation and hydro excavation methods.


Professional excavation services from a licensed plumbing and utility contractor.


Safely replace water line or main sewer line breaks without disturbing existing utilities.


Less time, less mess, less money, less environmental footprint.

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Excavation Services

Signs to look for when your pipe may be damaged: water pressure changes, ground settling, backups, gurgling in pipes, tree roots, standing water/sewage on ground, smell of sewage, extreme water damage, and high water bills.

A damaged sewer line or water line could potentially cause a lot of harm to your property and youwill want to have this remedied as soon as possible. When you choose RooterNOW® you will beprovided with a professional excavation service from a licensed plumbing and utility contractor.

Stop Digging The Hard, Dangerous Way.

Do you have utility conflicts? Traditional excavation services may cause more damage to existing utilities. Put the shovel down! Keep the backhoe away! RooterNOW®’s precision hydro excavating methods safely expose burried hazards while eliminating the risk of utility strikes. RooterNOW® will take the time to ensure your plumbing replacement project is executed safely and efficiently. We utilize mini excavators, trenchers, and hydro excavation to guarantee the efficiency and reliability of your repair to your property.

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