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Hydro Vac Services - A Non-invasive Solution for Excavation and Debris Removal
Want to learn more about the benefits of hydro excavation? Let RooterNOW® save you time and money.
RooterNOW Plumbing experts use a process that employs hydro excavation.


Need to locate and uncover utilities or clean debris from existing utilities? RooterNow has hydro vac and excavation capabilities to assist in your project.

Hydro vac services utilize a steady, forceful stream of water to blast debris and dirt away via Hydro Jetting, while strong suction removes the remnants left behind via hydro excavation.

This process is utilized for both safely excavating around utilities as well as sewer and drain flushing and cleaning.

RooterNOW specializes in large scale water basin cleaning for municipalities.  We have the specialized equipment necessary for successful execution of large scale jobs.

Not only is it a safer method, hydro excavation is more efficient and environmentally friendly than older methods.


Excavation Uses Water and Suction

High pressure water (hydro jetting) and a powerful vacuum are used to dig narrow trenches needed for pipelines, cables, and utilities. Hydro excavation can easily remove debris such as rocks and sand. The water and vacuum do not disturb existing underground utilities, making it less destructive than backhoes and trenchers.

Not all plumbers have the specialized equipment required for large scale water basin cleaning.  RooterNOW uses state of the art excavators for all sizes of projects for clearing and cleaning pipes and drains.

Hydro excavation is especially beneficial during freezing weather conditions when grounds are frozen.

Hydro Excavation


Precision soil trenching providing for better damage and safety control


Daylighting or exposing underground utilities


Piling holes easily created of various depths and diameters


Less time, less mess, less money, less environmental footprint.

Need an Expert Hydro Excavation Team for your digging project? Let RooterNOW® Help.
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Stop Digging The Hard, Dangerous Way.

Need to dig a trench? Put the shovel down. Keep the backhoe away. RooterNOW®S precision Hydro Excavating method efficiently takes care of any soil trenching, debris removal, daylighting/ underground utility exposing, or piling hole excavation without the huge mess left by backhoes and trenchers.

Hydro excavation is the most preferred method of digging, debris removal, and cleaning- and for good reason.  Safety, Cost, Time, Precision, and Accuracy.

Using state of the art equipment to identify, locate and repair your water leaks with less destruction to your property
Let RooterNOW® Take care of your digging, trenching, and basin cleaning needs in the Charleston area with expertise and professionalism.
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