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Water Leak Detection Company

Looking for Water Leak Detection Services Nearby in Charleston, SC or the surrounding areas? WE HAVE SOLUTIONS!
Water Leak Detection Services Nearby in Charleston, SC or the surrounding areas? WE HAVE SOLUTIONS!
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For the past 33 years, our sister company, Leak Masters USA, has been servicing the Greater Charleston, South Carolina area with EXPERT WATER LEAK DETECTION AND PLUMBING SOLUTIONS using thermal and acoustic  leak detection. That means LESS DESTRUCTION to your property. Leak Masters USA is a professional, family owned water leak detection company providing the greater Charleston area. We offer home or business water leak detection services, slab leak repairs, underground pipeline leak repairs, plumbing repairs, as well as ground penetration radar systems.


We work to insure that the least amount of destruction is done to your property.  The image above shows a tiny leak that was detected in a bathroom floor.  The detection, repair, and restoration involved removing only ONE tile!

Our professional technicians are detail oriented and highly skilled leak detectors.

Using state of the art equipment to identify, locate and repair your water leaks with less destruction to your property.

Water Leak Detection

Don’t be fooled by other water leak detection company or plumbers that may advise that you must lift up all of your flooring, or create huge holes in walls and floors in order to identify the location of a water leak. This outdated practice can be very costly and can cause extensive damage to your home or building in the process of finding the leak. Our sister company, Leak Masters USA of Charleston South Carolina,  use state of the art water leak detection equipment that uses both acoustic and thermal leak detected.  That enables our techs to locate your water leak as quickly and PRECISELY as possible and make your plumbing repair with as little disruption and damage to your home, building, or property.

Don’t put off what may not seem serious today.  What may seem on the surface as just a small water leak has the potential to develop into a major and costly water issue. Don’t wait for this to happen to your home or business. Early water leak detection can save you time, money and unnecessary property damage.  Give the premier water leak detection company of Charleston, South Carolina a call today. We will send out one of our radio-dispatched water leak detection teams to help diagnose and repair any  water leak issues.

Water Leak Detection Services:


Slab leak detection and repair.


Plumbing Inspection.


Ground penetrating radar.


Water line leak detection and repair.


Thermal and acoustic imaging.


Water infiltration investigation.

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