Signs That Your Water Heater May Need to Be Replaced

Signs That Your Water Heater May Need to Be Replaced


Not sure whether your water heater needs a repair or should be replaced? Here are some signs to look for that you may need to get a new one.

  • Noticing rusty water from your faucets in your bathroom or kitchen? This could be a sign of rusty pipes or that your water heater tank is rusting inside. A rusty Inlet or pressure relief valve are signs the inside of your tank is rusting as well.
  • Noises from your water heater are a sign of sediment build up. Your water contains minerals such as iron and other things, which naturally build up in your heater over time. It’s crucial to keep the pipes and drains free of this debris for efficiency. Drain your water heater at least once a year to help it run properly for years to come.
  • Leaks are the most common sign of water heater failure. Most leaks are caused by the years of water heating and cooling in the tank, which causes the metal to expand and contract. Cracks or fractures happen and lead to leaks in your water heater.
  • Failure to heat water can be caused by several issues. A broken heating element or improperly set thermostat may be repaired. But if your water heater is too small for your household usage, it may show signs of stress by failing to heat the water fast enough.


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