America's Aging Infrastructure Report Card - Official RooterNOW®

America’s Aging Infrastructure Report Card

Let’s talk aging infrastructure. Roads, bridges, schools, water and sewer systems, dams, railways, and energy systems are categories of infrastructure that directly affect our ability to live, work and play. Every four years, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) releases their official Infrastructure Report Card. When it comes to potable (drinking) water and wastewater, some may say we are facing a crisis. In 2017, the United States scored poorly in several categories, for the purpose of this post, we will focus on potable water and wastewater:

Potable water: D,

Wastewater: D+

Across the country, deteriorating water and wastewater systems are failing and impacting communities large and small. On top of our current infrastructure report card grade and infrastructure needs, 56 million more people are expected to connect to centralized treatment plants by 2032. That’s quite an increase in 12 short years.

The team at RooterNOW brings you this information as the public needs to be aware of our failing infrastructure, if nothing else than to educate on the importance of preventative drain and sewer maintenance for homeowners and businesses alike. RooterNOW has paved the way for sewer pipe relining in coastal South Carolina, utilizing the latest developments in UV LED cure technology. We encourage you to schedule a sewer camera inspection to check the current condition of your drain and sewer pipes.