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Charleston’s Broken Sewer Pipes

It’s every homeowner’s nightmare: broken sewer pipes flooding the house and then finding out it’s your responsibility to fix.

Those costs, particularly if you have to dig up asphalt to the main city line, can cost well over $10,000+. Most homeowners aren’t readily prepared, or don’t have the ability to pull that much out of their savings accounts to fix a broken sewer pipe.

The team at RooterNOW continues to educate homeowners about their responsibility of the sewer laterals that go through their yard.  The residents of Charleston have the option to protect themselves from large and oftentimes unforeseen expenses when they have an issue. Here are potential signs of a broken sewer pipe:

  • Slow or stopped drains: This may indicate more than a small drain clog. The sewer line far underneath your property could be clogged or leaking.
  • The smell of sewage: If this is detected anywhere on your property, it’s time to schedule an assessment.
  • Grass that grows quickly or seems greener and fuller: Particularly vibrant and full patches of grass could indicate a sewage leak serving as fertilization from underneath.

If you suspect you may have a broken sewer pipe, please contact the RooterNOW Team for a sewer camera inspection and thorough diagnosis. We are here for the residents of Charleston!