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Maintaining Pipes in your Charleston Home 



It is so easy to turn on the water faucet, pour ourselves a glass of water and not think about where it comes from.  Whether you use a municipal source or your water is supplied by a groundwater well, we can agree on one thing… we all want clean, safe water.

If your home’s water supply comes from a municipal source, the water out of your tap is most likely safe to drink. The Charleston Water System should provide an annual water quality report that provides details about your water quality. If your water comes from a groundwater well, annual testing should be done by a professional to check the quality of your groundwater.

Maintaining your water and sewer lines can ensure that you have done your part in the safety of your water. The health of your pipes can be directly affected by the preventative measures you take. 


Never pour grease or cooking oil down the drain. Hot grease can damage your pipes and also grease can harden once cooled. This can clog your pipes and lead to expensive plumbing costs. 

Rooter Now Plumbing Experts clogged drain

Use non-chemical cleaners monthly to clean your sewer drains. This will help avoid clogs and build up, keeping your lines clean and clear. If you have a clogged drain then you need to hire a professional to take care of the problem immediately. If you wait, you could complicate the problem which will affect your sewer pipes and cause more problems. Take care of your clogged drain the right way to avoid costly repairs down the road.

Never plant trees and shrubs too close to your water and sewer lines. Usually the culprit of damaged and blocked sewer lines are from tree roots and debris that can crack the pipes and find their way into your sewer lines. This causes blockages or even complete breaks in your sewer system. 


If your sewer lines are damaged, get a camera inspection. Your local RooterNOW® of Charleston, SC plumber can see exactly what the problem is and will know the best method to repair your sewer line.

An annual plumbing inspection is a great idea for peace of mind. Some plumbing leaks may go undetected until it becomes a major problem. A professional plumber at RooterNOW® can point out minor leaks before they become large leaks, and catch corrosion or intrusion before costly damage occurs.

Let us assist you with maintaining the pipes in your Charleston home.

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