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Root Infested Sewer In Mount Pleasant

The team at RooterNOW was called by a homeowner in Mount Pleasant that had been experiencing serious issues with their sewer and drain pipes. The local plumber that was initially contacted provided a sewer inspection, but could only go so far as the pipe was completely overtaken by root infestation. This news to the Mount Pleasant homeowner was unfortunate and unexpected. This root infested sewer pipe was the leading cause of backups the homeowner had been dealing with off and on for nearly a year.

The RooterNOW team discussed rehabilitation options and the homeowner eventually came to an understanding that cutting these massive roots out, cleaning the sewer pipe and then relining the pipe with the SpeedyLight system was the only way to avoid future issues. In less than a day, the RooterNOW team provided a brand new, jointless, sewer pipe that roots will never be able to penetrate again – all without digging the sewer pipe up! This homeowners interior and exterior was left completely untouched… the RooterNOW team truly offers sewer rehabilitation for the 21st century!