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Symptoms of Sewer Repair Problems

Common Indicators of Sewer problems

Sometimes it is difficult to tell whether your slow drains or backed up toilet are just a matter of too much hair and build up in your pipes or if you have a more serious problem. If you are having an issue inside your house with your drains, look for whether the problem is isolated to one drain or all of the drains. If you notice that there are several parts of your house with plumbing issues this is a big indicator that your sewer system may be in need of repair.

Your toilet will often present the first indicator of trouble by flushing slowly or not all. If you have eliminated a clogged toilet and all of the other drains are also slow, your next step is to have a plumber diagnose your sewage system for a possible blockage or break that may require you to do a sewer repair job.

Your local plumber may be able to do a visual inspection of your pipes in the home as well as use a special fiber optic video camera to inspect the underground sewage lines for any clogs or breakage. Older sewage lines are usually made out of clay which is will break down over time. Clay pipes only have a short lifetime of fifty to sixty years as opposed to the newer PVC piping which has a lifetime of one hundred years. This means if your home was built before the 1980’s you likely have clay pipes and will be dealing with a pipe repair or replacement at some point during the duration of your time in that home.

Common problems that can lead to sewer repairs include tree roots growing into your sewer pipes and clogging the sewage line. Another common culprit can be from grease being poured down the kitchen sink and accumulating in the sewer lines.

If your sewage line is actually broken it will likely be obvious. You will probably smell sewage and your yard will develop wet areas or sink holes that will be easily noticed. If you notice spots like this, you will need a professional plumber to handle the sewer repair before it become a health hazard for your family. While you may be able to patch the area of broken pipe, you most likely will have future breaks and at some point need an entire replacement of the sewage system if you have an older home.

There are many new technologies that a qualified plumber will have at their disposal. Trenchless sewer repair allows the sewer line or sewer pipe to be replaced without having to dig up your yard and typically costs less than traditional sewer repair.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, contact your RooterNOW® local plumber today and schedule an appointment to get a free estimate.