Cast Iron pipes were widely used for water and 
sewer pipelines until the mid 1980's. The main 
problem with cast iron pipes is that they can 
corrode over time compromising their structural 
integrity, with an approximate live span of 
40 years. Complications can occur from extreme 
rust, leading to porous pipes and potentially 
shifting foundations and structural issues.


The Plumbing Technicians at RooterNow can      
perform an inspection of your plumbing system  
to find out if you have a cast iron pipe system
that is corroded and needs to be replaced.     
With this type of sewer work it is extremely   
 important that you use a licensed plumber      
with experience. Our plumbing technicians have 
the knowledge to perform either cast iron pipe 
 repairs, replacement, or relining using CIPP   
(Cured-in-place pipe).                         ~


RooterNOW Charleston Plumber cast iron pipe repair
Contact the RooterNow plumbing team 
today to set up an appointment to get 
your cast iron pipe issues resolved so
you will not have to make those pesky 
property damage claims!