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RooterNOW® licensed technicians are capable of installing a wide variety of plumbing fixtures throughout your home. We have you covered with our experienced plumbing contractors. If you aren’t sure what type of sink or toilet to purchase for your home, we can give you our best recommendations based on your budget that will be  energy efficient plumbing fixtures.

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Toilet Repairs & Toilet Clogs

If you think about it, a working toilet is an important element of your home’s comfort rating. Few really consider its importance until something goes awry with that toilet. There are a handful of common issues that toilets can have, including leaks, broken valves and back-ups. Any one of these issues can be a real problem for homeowners and business owners alike. Replacing your older toilets with low-flow, high-efficiency toilets can decrease your water bills and help in our global effort to manage and conserve water.


Your faucets are one of the most used plumbing fixtures in your house. When your faucet isn’t working properly, and it is constantly dripping, you pay the price in both wasted water and money. A dripping faucet can leak over one thousand gallons of water in a year’s time. You can prevent wasting one of earth’s precious resources by allowing your local RooterNOW® licensed and insured plumbing technician to repair your leaky faucet. Get your faucet leak repaired with help from our certified plumbers are experience with all types of faucets & sinks for commercial and residential including, kitchen sink faucets, bathroom vanity faucets, shower faucets, bathtub faucets, and outdoor faucets.

Sinks & Sink Clogs

When it comes to the installation of your bathroom or kitchen sink it is important that the installer be an experienced professional. Improper sink installation or an ill-fitted product can ruin the look of the bathroom or kitchen and more importantly become a health concern for your family. Sink’s that are installed incorrectly can easily become unattached and cause injury. Ill-fitting connections and inadequately-installed products can produce moisture resulting in black mold; a danger to the health of a family.


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RooterNow came out to install a new kitchen sink and disposal in our home. They used the parts we supplied and performed a satisfactory job.